Memphis – The Timeless Graceland

Home of the late King Elvis, and his final resting place, his amazing home of Graceland gives an understanding into how the man lived when not performing. From the splendid entrance to the famous Jungle Room, Graceland is all you thought it to be. I have a few friends at wedding photography Atlanta GA who did some shots here for a client and they turned out fantastic!

Tours of Graceland begins across the road from the grounds. Here you will find everything about Elvis from the tacky to the one-of- a-kind. From music stores to museums with Elvis memos, like his car collection and his private jet named Lisa Marie, there’s got to be something that will tempt you into parting with your money. One of the uncomplicated mementos is to send a postcard to someone from the Graceland post office. This will put a Graceland postmark on it and so becomes a souvenir. Your ticket into Graceland doesn’t typically include admission to the other Elvis museums, so if you want to see everything, you have to pay.

One Graceland attraction that’s free to visitors is the sight of those famous musical gates. Which Elvis fan can fail to recall the fans that lined up wanting to get a peek of what was happening on the days right after his death? As the bus that carries you across to the mansion approaches, the gates open and you are permitted into this once very private estate.

Aside from the main house, there’s also a display of Elvis’ stage clothes and other personal belongings, including his wall of "records", and the grounds behind the mansion where Elvis is buried. Even today, numerous years after his death, there are fresh floral arrangements frequently sent to the estate by many Elvis fan clubs and organizations and which are on display.

If you’re an Elvis fan, this is a place you must see if you’re in the Memphis area!